There's rarely a time you can't help me out in choosing and organizing my flights. My schedule is extremely hectic in December and as usual…you manage to figure out a way to get me to where I need to be. You are available day and night and I can't thank you enough. The other night I called you and you were out to dinner with a friend. You answered your phone at dinner and proceeded to tell me that you could run home real quick and hop online to figure out my situation. You really go above and beyond the call of duty for me and for Keystone and I really, really appreciate it.

continue to hold you in the highest regards for your professionalism and your stamina to help me. Many, many thanks to you for your help. Happy Holidays.

Best regards,

Nick Purdom
US Manager of Sales Training
144 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803

I have done business with Sarita Jain and Stow Travel for almost 13 years; over that period Stow Travel has been both our corporate travel agent and my personal travel planning consultant.

As a corporate travel agent, Sarita and her colleagues have been responsible for booking daily travel for executives (mid and senior level management, as well as executive officers and members of our Board of Directors) of both Pegasus Communications Corporation (a public company of approximately 1,500 employees with business in all 48 contiguous states and the Caribbean) and Xanadoo Company (a company with business in the northeast, midwest and southwest). Stow Travel is unfailingly efficient, cost effective and, most importantly, reliable.

As a personal travel consultant, Sarita is nothing short of a marvel; the best I have ever had the pleasure to rely on. She is prompt to respond to every request, and is comprehensive in laying out travel options for any itinerary.

Perhaps her most valuable attribute, however, is her creativity and speed in suggesting and implementing solutions to the inevitable travel challenges that arise for those who travel frequently. 


Marshall Pagon
CEO and Founder
Xanadoo Company
Pegasus Communications Corporation

Dear Sarita,
I am taking this time to write you to let you know how impressed I have been with your service over the last 8 years.  At a time when “time” is so valuable and a voice on the other end of a phone so rare, your service and professionalism has been a welcome relief.  As much as I fly, it is always great to know that you are available for me on the phone when I need help.  Your ability to accommodate my specific schedules and needs are a comfort for me.  In today’s business environment small companies like Ascension are always looking at saving money and I can honestly say that not only do you save us money but also time and effort.  It would be a pleasure for me to act as a testament to your great work.  If anyone would like to contact me for a reference please have them do so. 
Robert Martin

I have been associated with Sarita Jain from the Stow Travel Center and her employees for the last ten years. She has provided the finest travel services possible and therefore I would recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch agency. In addition to scheduling my flights, Sarita also books my hotel and car rentals and handles on the spot changes that occur with canceled or delayed flights .I have worked with her in the past while employed with various  companies and she also has had my staff as a customer base. They too are very pleased. She is extremely competent and has a great understanding of the customer and their needs.  She has also helped coordinate national sales meetings travel and accommodations. Should you need any addition questions answered, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

Al Weinstein

Prospective Stow Travel Clients,
This letter is to recommend Stow Travel as a travel agency.  They have been my sole travel agency for over 8 years.  Many of my colleagues throughout the medical industry use them as well.  They have continued to provide me with exceptional service and are instrumental in organizing all of my travel needs. 
Regards, Dan De Stefano

To whom it may concern, 
I have had the pleasure of working with Stow Travel and in particular Sarita Jain since early 2001.  Over the past 4 ½ years I have not had to be concerned with any of my travel needs nor the travel needs of my teams.  Over the past 4 ½ years I have averaged 135 – 150 flights per year all of which were booked by Sarita and Stow Travel. As you can imagine, traveling that much you are bound to encounter some issues with weather, delays, mechanical issues and other problems that can deter your travel plans.  Day or night I know I can always count on Sarita and her team to help me find another way to my destination when travel problems occur. 
Sarita has made sure that my teams and I have had her cell phone number, home number as well as business contact information.  I have seen Sarita make changes in the middle of the night simply to help someone reach their destination.  Sarita understands the value of corporate business and making appointments on time.  
Sarita has a very strong work ethic and continues to show integrity and initiative when dealing with my team members and myself.  Sarita has called me numerous times to warn me of issues for my upcoming travel and has taken control by rerouting me because she knows my schedule and how important it is that I make my next destination on time. 
On the rare occasion that I have to work with the staff of Stow Travel if Sarita happens to be unavailable, I am comfortable in knowing that I will get the same treatment from anyone I deal with at Stow Travel.  For the 1st 3 ½  years I worked with Sarita I was at Pegasus Satellite where the entire company used Stow travel.  Today with Clearwire we have not yet moved to a travel agency with the exception of my team.  We know that Sarita will take complete care of our flight, hotel and rental car needs and most usually at a lower price than we can find. Sarita will enforce and follow your corporate travel rules and give you options to choose from.  Sarita has also helped me out of a jam when traveling on vacation with my family.  Although she did not originally books my vacation travel, when we ran into trouble she was there to help get us home. I would not put the travel of my team, my family or myself in the hands of anyone other than Sarita Jain and Stow Travel.
Bill Snoeberger

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Sarita and her organization on the fantastic job she does.As a medical device trainer for NDO Surgical, Inc. I travel extensively through out the United States and other countries.There have been many times when the possibility of cancellation of patient surgery would have occurred had it not been for Serita and her excellent job. Needless to say getting home has also been a positive experience due to her hard work. I would recommend Serita and her group to any one who depends on travel to get the job done. 
Lee Estrada ,
Bill Snoeberger

To Prospective Stow Travel Clients:

In a day and age where I hear many executives complain about the travel related service and assistance they receive, I feel it is only appropriate to extend my highest letter of recommendation to Sarita Jain of Stow Travel Center for the exemplary service I have received on a weekly basis for the past four years. I have found that Stow Travel Center is a travel agency ideally suited to handle all my extensive business and personal travel needs, and Sarita has handled my arrangements exclusively since I made the choice to switch from American Express Travel, who was not responsive enough for my needs. Sarita’s personal service distinguishes her company from American Express by working so diligently to provide me and my company with the lowest possible airfare and hotel reservations for substantial savings that flow straight to my bottom line. Sarita has earned my complete trust as a business partner, which allows me to focus on running a global organization instead of being the “travel agency police” to make sure my travel expenditures consistently come in under budget.  Sarita runs a very professional organization, and it is abundantly clear that customer service is her top priority. I look forward to being a life-long reference for Sarita Jain and Stow Travel.


Justin C. Anderson
Vice President
Tornier, Inc.
Sports Medicine

132 Great Road, Stow, MA 01775 | 978-897-2810 or 1-800-610-7846

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